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Whatever Your Problem, We Will Do Our Best To Provide You With The Most Suitable Solution With The Current Technology Available!

The Hi-Vision LongLife Antiglare coating is the hardest, most durable anti-reflective coating available today, and received an award for Best Coating in 2015. It is scratch-resistant, water, dirt and dust-repellent, and provide clearer, more relaxed vision thanks to glare reduction. Click Here To Read More 

There are different reasons why this may be happening.  With an eye evaluation, this will be evaluated and a recommendation given.  We are excited about our Accommodative support lenses, specifically designed to relieve eye strain!  A Blue Control Anti-reflective coating to protect your eyes against blue light emitted by digital screens are also available. Click Here To Read More

A wide variety of options are available.   Transition, Transition X-tra Active, or Drivewear lenses are the way to go for optimal light-adaptation prescription lenses. Transitions are designed to quickly adapt from clear indoors to fully dark in brightest sun, offering a distinct advantage over clear lenses every day.

To read more on transitions lenses, go to

For a pair of glasses specifically designed for driving, drivewear lenses are the way to go!  Daytime light and weather conditions constantly change while driving and so do Transitions Drivewear lenses. Their polarization removes glare off the road and car.

The transitions photochromic technology adjusts the colour and tint of the lenses as light conditions change, providing the perfect colour and clarity for driving ( )

With technology nowadays, it is possible to put your specific prescription into almost any sunglasses frame that you prefer.  There are a few factors to take in consideration.  We will be able to give you expert advice on all possibilities regarding this.

There are other options available! Why not try our state-of the art multifocal lenses?  For more information on our multifocal lenses:   Multifocal contact lenses are also available.   

Why not try contact lenses? Or consider getting a pair of glasses specifically designed to enhance your vision for your specific sport with the right colour tint, shape and design?  Click Here To Read More

With our contact lens assessment, we also provide you with a free pair of trial contact lenses for you to go and try out!  See Our Contact Lenses

We a wide variety of different styles of frames available!  Compliment your uniqueness. Get the perfect frame to fit your style

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